Sat. 29th August: 10am, Day of Action, update

We'll be on the Little Rec this Saturday, 29th August from 10am to 12noon for our kick off day of action, to recruit volunteers and start spreading the message across the village. You'll be able to buy 20s Plenty stickers (as below); Car Window Stickers - 50p each Wheelie Bin Stickers - £1 each Stickers mounted on corex board (for garden signs etc.) - £2 each Window posters - FREE We'll also have sign up sheets for those in the community wanting to get involved in the campaign over the coming months, including roles such as; Liasing with the national campaign Preparing and undertaking community surveys Leafleting and raising profile  Traffic and speed surveys Liaison with other groups and authorities Press campaign  Come along, show your support, help get the message and get involved to help reduce speeds, prevent accidents, reduce noise and improve air quality in your village. Did we mention, we'll have cupcakes, for a small donation!  If you can't make it - you

Sat. 29th August: Day of Action

  On Saturday 29th August we'll be holding a 20's Plenty for Silverton Day of Action . Meeting on the Little Rec at 10am (until 12 noon) we'll be kicking things off in a big way with; Stickers, posters and sign making materials for sale Advice on making your own house, garden or yard sign Help to get stickers and posters up around the village Volunteer sign-up for various essential activities over the coming months Cupcakes! Themed cupcakes to raise funds for the campaign Come along, meet others who want slower speeds, less noise, less pollution and safer streets in the village - and share your thoughts, views and ideas with like minded people. Obviously everything will be socially distanced. Sign-up for the newsletter (see the sidebar) to stay on top of news!

Stickers have arrived!

We've taken delivery of 100 20's Plenty bin stickers (35cm by 25cm - but can also be mounted on board with a stake for a garden sign) and 50 car window stickers (20cm by 7cm). We'll be selling these at £1 (bin) and 50p (car) at the Silverton Mini Market on Saturday 1st August, you'll find us at the Silverton WI gazebo - you won't miss us! If you can't make the mini market drop us (details in the contact page ) and we can sort you out.

We'll be at the Mini Market Plus

We'll be at the Silverton Community Hall's Mini Market + on Saturday 1st August (10am to 2pm) sharing a stand with Silverton WI where we'll have large 20's Plenty Wheelie Bin stickers and car window stickers for sale. Come along have a chat and show your support for reduced traffic speeds and impacts in our village.

Wales may go 20mph in residential areas

You may have seen in the news this week that plans to make 20mph speed limits the default in residential areas have received initial backing in the Welsh Senedd. The full report from the Welsh Government can be found here as a pdf download , it's well worth a read and provides a deep evidence base of the benefits of reducing traffic speeds in residential areas. Its summary is important; "Enabling a much wider take up of 20mph limits is expected to achieve significant road safety benefits, particularly in deprived neighbourhoods. In the longer term, reductions 
in the perception of road danger is expected to lead to more walking and cycling which will improve public health and replace some short car journeys, and so achieving further reductions in collisions and casualties. More walking and cycling is also likely to lead to greater social cohesion which brings further societal and health benefits. Lower speeds will lead to reductions in traffic noise, while impacts on air qual

Window posters

We've designed a couple of A4 window posters - one showing general support for lower speeds in the village, and a second one which is similar but has space so children can design their own artwork. Wouldn't it be great if we had lots of artwork in windows right across the village reminding everyone why lower speeds are such a good idea.? Simply click the links below (the poster will open in a new window), download, print, draw and stick in your window. Send us your pictures of the best kids versions and we'll post them on the site too! A4 window poster (pdf file) - download here A4 colouring poster (pdf file) - download here

20's Plenty stickers

We have sample stickers - large NHS and general campaign (just smaller than A3 ideal for garden signs or wheelie bins) car (window and bumper) and other small ones. We are considering a bulk order, to sell at cost. Interested? Email us, details in "About Us"